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Initial Consultation:
For your initial consultation, please arrive on time. If you are late, it delays all the appointments after you. We strive to keep everyone happy by being punctual. If you can download the paperwork before you get to our location, that will greatly help to keep your appointment on time. If you have not downloaded the paperwork (intake forms), then please arrive 15 minutes early in order to fill the forms in before the time of your appointment.

On the initial consultation, your intake forms will be reviewed, and the problem areas will be examined. This is to ensure your suitability to the Lipo Light procedure. Your height, weight and measurements will be taken and from that your BMI (Body Mass Index) will be calculated.
You will be measured in two to three areas, including the distance from the floor to the problem area, so that every measurement will then be accurate.

Please see the Lipo Light Tools Page for an example of the BMI chart. A before picture will be taken in order to monitor your progress and compare results to your after picture.

You will then be shown the Lipo Light Machine, and will have an overview of how the entire process works. If you have any questions, these will be addressed at this time.

You will also be advised of supplements that will enhance your Lipo Light Sessions, and your eating and exercise habits will be reviewed. This is a joint collaboration. We want the best possible outcome for you, to ensure your satisfaction.
You will then leave with paperwork which will have the best practices on what makes the Lipo Light treatments most beneficial. This will include instructions such as cutting back on caffeine, eliminating alcohol and not eating two hours before or after the sessions.

The First Session:
Remember to wear comfortable clothing. This will enhance your experience. Also, wear comfortable shoes in order to use the Vibra Slimmer machine. It's quite difficult to exercise on the Vibra Slimmer in heels and dress shoes.
The Lipo Light Paddles will then be placed on your body by the South Bay Lipo Light Technician on the desired treatment areas of your choice. The lights will be dimmed, the technician will then leave the room and relaxing music will be played until your session is completed. You will be measured before the Lipo Light Session and immediately after to show you how effective the Lipo Light Treatment is in just one session.

For Upper Body, please remove deodorant before your session. Wipes are available.

After the Lipo Light Session, you will be shown to the Vibra Slimmer machine, where you will be instructed on how to use the machine. A video will instruct you on various exercises that can be done for maximum effectiveness.

Subsequent Sessions:
Please arrive promptly for all sessions. We wish you to have a pleasant non-rushed experience at Lipo Light South Bay. If you run late, all the sessions after you are effected, as the sessions run 30 minutes at a time. 
On your subsequent sessions, you will have the Lipo Light LED paddles places on the desired areas of the body, and your treatment will commence, same as the first session. You will be measured every three sessions to ensure that progress is being made and your dietary intake and exercise will also be reviewed. It's highly recommended that you exercise outside of your sessions at Lipo Light South Bay for maximum enhanced results.

Remember, your success is our success! See you soon!

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What Happens at Your Session at Lipo Light Gold